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Dust storms are atmospheric indignations at which in air the huge amount of dust and sand rises, postponed for considerable distances. In comparison with earthquakes or tropical cyclones dust storms do not represent, in fact, so catastrophic phenomena, however their influence can be very unpleasant, and sometimes and fatal.

Care and foresight has to be the basic rule of everyone who is involved in suppression of forest fires. At suppression of such fires the burned slightly trees need to be dumped in the direction of the fire; movement should be carried out with the maximum care as it is possible to fail in peat progara.

Combustible liquids, and also the lit-up electrical wiring water cannot be extinguished. Gasoline, kerosene, various organic oils and solvents should be extinguished sand, the earth, foamy and powder fire extinguishers and if the seat of fire small - to cover it with an asbestine or tarpaulin cover, heavy fabric or clothes the moistened water. The burning electrical wiring can only be extinguished having convinced that from it stress is removed.

After a flood: it is not necessary to use the food damped by flood waters. Not to use for drink water without sanitation inspection. Each well has to be drained at first, and water is subjected to the analysis regarding its harmlessness. Without special need it is not necessary to come on the sites which were the flooded. Electric devices have to be dried up and tested before the use.

How there is a dust storm? Klin of cold air interferes under a layer of the warm. Quickly moving, it lifts many firm particles in air. They are besieged at distance of many kilometers. After dust loss usually the rain at once starts going.