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pavements and tunnel crossings. Much attention from the European Union as together they have to finish association in a whole of an automobile and railway system on the continent is paid to these transport arteries. These crossings will untie traffic jams, the movement will become uninterrupted and high-speed.

In agriculture of Denmark about 120 thousand people or 5% of able-bodied population of the country with a tendency to gradual reduction are occupied. A basis of agricultural production is the family farm. Total of farms in the country - 68,8 thousand at the average size of a farm of 40 hectares.

Without having the developed source of raw materials, Denmark imports significant amounts of industrial raw materials both vegetable and animal, and a mineral origin. The most noticeable is wood import (3,5 billion kroner). Main suppliers of wood are Sweden (1,5 billion kroner), Finland (0,7 billion kroner) and Germany (0,3 billion kroner).

The motor transport is important for passenger and cargo transportation within the country. Annually motor transport carries out more than 75% of all internal freight transportation and more than 80% of passenger traffic, and also about 8% of the foreign trade transportation of goods.

The main export market of Denmark there is Germany - 22% of all Danish export. It is followed by Sweden and Great Britain - (on 9,1%), Norway (6,6%) and France, from the overseas markets have the greatest value for the Danish exporters the USA, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

The main part of able-bodied population of the country is occupied at small and medium-sized enterprises. In total in Denmark more than 430 thousand subjects who are engaged in business activity are registered. Such structure of business does the Danish economy flexible and capable to rapid response to changes of an environment.

The transport industry of Denmark traditionally is considered one of the most important branches of economy and is the third on export volume in the country. It remains a considerable source of receipts of foreign currency (about 90% of receipts).

Considerable export article of Denmark are the medical equipment and devices. So, export of medical electric devices exceeds 1,2 billion kroner. Approximately for the same sum it is annually exported other medical devices and tools.

Nearly two thirds of GDP are created in the private sector. Territorially industrial capacity of Denmark moves to the western regions of the country that is caused by the growing interest of Danes in the markets of the Central Europe. Now two thirds of production companies are concentrated in these regions.

Cars, the equipment and vehicles are the largest group of the Danish import at cost (81,2 billion kroner). The leading place in this group is taken by cars (19,2 billion kroner), mainly, the automobile.

The Kingdom of Denmark is among the small European states as on population — 5,2 million people, and by the territory sizes — 43,1 thousand sq.km. Average population density — 120 people on 1 sq.km Denmark is located in northwest part of the European continent. Geographically it consists of the peninsula Jutland, and also groups of islands Denmark has considerable natural resources. Reserves of oil and gas on the shelf of the North Sea are especially important. Monetary unit of the country — the Danish krone consisting from the 100th era.