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Main goal of training at a natural method – to teach pupils to speak a foreign language. Supporters of this method proceeded from that prerequisite that, having learned to speak, pupils can read and write in the learned language, being not even trained in technology of reading and the letter.

Some provisions of cybernetics can be used in management of process of training in foreign languages. Training in a foreign language should be built as complete system which effectively function in the presence of feedback, that is receiving in the operated N operating information on the course of performance of action the account it in further management. Possibility of loss of any link has to be provided and in due time compensated; classroom, laboratory and homework have to have complex character. Non-performance of a laboratory task brakes material of the following occupation.

Technique, a yak science t_sno a pov'yazana і є navchalny to process, yoga osnovny components, і і about’ єі that about’ єі і. the main і navchalny to process і:

Bud-yaky process – process sum_sno ї іі a vchitel that і. Navchannya – the act є і ї that, a navcha є, Tim, whom mint і one і є _nshy sots_alny to a dosv_d. і to the party – і a vchitel, і – take an aktivna a fate at і і і, to Alya Kozhen on-svo¾mu.

For this purpose, _nozemny m at і navchalny mortgages efektivny і v_dpov_dat to suchasny vimoga, і the teacher є to dobra of an ovolod_ta the teoretichny course "Technique Navchannya _nozemno § Mov", yakiya is guilty pos_dat to the prov_ena m_sets in і profes_yno ї p_dgotovka і.

The knowledge of history of a technique of teaching foreign languages will help the beginning teacher to be guided more freely in a choice of methods of training, it is rational to combine them in the, consciously and creatively to apply recommendations of this manual. For this purpose the short review of some methods of teaching foreign languages, here in a chronological order is given below.

"Technique", a yak of a pedagog_chn science, a yak є to one side, characteristics, і be-yak_y і (the teoretichny base, an eksperimentalna base, it is working a field for a perev_rka naukovoobgruntovany і), and the _nshy – іі about’ ¾kt і, і a yak osoblivost of the subject, so і ways і it;

Training assumes activity not only trained, but also the trainee, manifestation by pupils of the efforts directed on systematization, generalization, abstraction, allocation causal target, investigative, logical, etc. communications between subjects, the phenomena, actions.

Berlits and Gouin played a positive role in reform of a of foreign languages. Having torn with verbal and scholastic methods, they were oral speech the basis for training in foreign, attached great value to development ­ perceptions, entered oral study of material before reading and the letter. However they did not possess sufficient theoretical preparation and were supporters tightly practical an of a foreign language. They did not teach living, idiomatic language, did not provide knowledge of grammatical system ­ language, did not recognize behind language general education a.