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Problems of employment can be solved by implementation of the projects connected with revival and development of national crafts and crafts (certainly if there is the corresponding potential — traditions, shots, material bases.

The sixth stage — control and correctional on which intermediate results of implementation of the program in general and separate projects are generalized and analyzed, is considered their social efficiency and the corresponding correcting actions are made.

Formation of regional welfare programs represents quite difficult process. Each its stage has the logic, tasks, the contents. Only having realized problems of one stage, it is possible to pass to the following. So there is a logical chain of actions which as a result lead to creation of the complete program.

The third stage — conceptual. Its essence is that on the basis of the analysis of the problems characterizing a situation the priority directions of cultural development, the respective spheres of welfare design are defined and the perspective purposes connected with the solution of the main circle of problems are formulated.

Arkhangelsk — the city museum of a tree. Present originality and an originality of the city are in many respects connected with its wooden constructions which remained still the places, private lodges adjoining to modern buildings. Remain unique city zones North Dvina Embankment with its complex of buildings, monuments, obelisks, etc., Solombala with its unique building.

— Preservation and use of cultural and historical heritage. This direction should be considered as the main resource of improvement of cultural life, the solution of many social and even economic problems; 1

The forecasting technique in many respects coincides with design stages. She assumes definition of object of the forecast, identification of tendencies and problems of its development, the analysis of the factors defining both negative, and positive tendencies of its change, creation of model of object by definition of system of the indicators and parameters reflecting its structure, a model projection in the future taking into account objective and subjective factors.

By results of the analysis of a situation "the problem field" which, whenever possible, has to include all list of problems, characteristic for the region, a social community, group, category of the population is formed.

The second stage — standard and expected. He assumes anticipation, probabilistic judgments about a condition of a situation in the future, about prospects of its development as on condition of preservation of the available tendencies and spontaneous development of the corresponding processes and in case they are changed in the desirable direction as a result of the administrative decision or implementation of this or that welfare project.

This stage is entirely carried out on the basis of results of an information and analytical stage. The core of the concept of cultural development of the territory is made by the priority directions of sociocultural activity which focus in themselves as if two vectors of orientation:

The priority direction of development of welfare life (the characteristic of "a problem field", i.e. the description of a situation which defines relevance and priority of this direction or sphere of welfare life);

The purposes are formed on the basis of the analysis of a problem situation and are directed on partial or full permission of the revealed problems. Tasks — it is rather independent parts of the program (subprogramme) received by division of the purpose into local goals and including the tasks and actions directed on implementation of the program. Tasks can be broken into subprogrammes of lower level in which, in turn, there are purposes and tasks (see the scheme of development of territorial programs).

Problem of low rates of development of private business (caused, including, not knowledge of potential investors of possible zones of an investment it is possible to solve by the organization on show program TV — auction of ideas with involvement of authors, experts, etc.