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Working hours of vegetable shop the single-shift. For evening work of the enterprise vegetable semi-finished products prepare taking into account of storage and realization in advance. Workplaces are equipped with the equipment, the tool, stock for performance of certain operations.

SPICY ONIONS contain more solids, essential oils ( a mucous membrane of eyes) and glycosides, have sharp taste which long remains in a mouth. It is better to use it for sauces, soups, fish, meat, vegetable, rice dishes and for a stuffing in pies.

In the boiling broth we put rice, we bring to boiling. We enter the browned onions with the browned tomato. We cook to readiness. In 5 minutes prior to the end of cooking soup fills with tkemala sauce, pounded garlic, hop - sunel, pepper, salt and greens. We cook to readiness. We draw ready soup 10-15 minutes.

Contains soy sauce, apple puree, a tomato – paste, sugar, a liver, vegetable oil, garlic, onions, raisin, pepper, ginger, a carnation, cinnamon, wine (Madeira), a nutmeg,. Use to the fried cold and hot meat, fish, add to hot sauces, salad gas stations.

Rees treats prosovidny cereals; its inflorescence – a whisk, cones single-flowered. Distinguish two types of rice: flooded (marsh) and sukhodolny (irrigation). Rice is a high-yield crop and gives from each hectare on average 40-50 centners of grain.

Besides the compounding of margarine includes liquid vegetable oils, animal fats, cow's milk, table salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanillin, dyes, emulsifiers, lemon acid and fragrances.