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It is necessary to distinguish such concepts as classification and typology as the first is lower level of generalization, represents steady group of the studied objects on their separate signs and is under construction on rigid criteria of groups and subgroups. The typology does not contain such rigid differentiation.

Formation of the identity of the teenager happens as under purposeful influence, and is spontaneous by assimilation of observed standards of behavior. Let's consider the major factors defining formation of the teenager and motivation of his behavior.

But, burying in oblivion problems of formation of the identity of the teenager, the state should consider those negative consequences which will inevitably be shown further by growth of number of the citizens made by this category.

All specified factors anyway are connected with a family, school or work, the teenager's environment. But, as it is represented, the reasons of deformation of the identity of the minor should be looked for, first of all, in a family.

So, teenagers from families with pronounced antisocial installation, transfer the relations in a family to the relations with people around. Thus, the less in a family reckon with opinion of the teenager, the desire of the last to ego-trip, at least and outdoors is stronger.

Contradictions between the level of claims of subjects and material resources of their satisfaction can also cause discontent with own situation and surrounding people which sometimes is followed by animosity and vindictiveness.

Recognizing that formation of the personality (as in general, and her negative or positive orientation) occurs gradually, it is possible to claim about possibility of allocation of stages (a stage of its deformation. We believe that the specified process consistently proceeds in borders: "lack of deformation" - "an initial stage" - "a stage of active deformation" - "a deformation completion stage" of the personality.

It is unconditional that in practice formation of the personality is carried out is not isolated, and under the influence of an interlacing of a number of factors, including connected with the sphere of a family. Proceeding from the analysis which is carried out by us, we will note influences of a family on development of the teenager that the main shortcomings of family education can be subdivided into the following groups: