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Writing a rule to a finished illustration

the organization of service of production providing completing and timely providing it materials, the equipment, transport, repair, the electric power, for workers etc.;

the organization of work including security and arrangement of labor, the organization of productions, places, technical rationing, the organization of a salary, training and socialist competition;

Therefore, the general need for sterns is distributed by types according to the accepted structure. The quantity of fodder units falling on skim milk define as a difference between the general need and quantity of fodder units for the rough, juicy, green, concentrated sterns and milk.

At the beginning the need of animals for sterns is defined. Thus the number kormodny for the stall and pasturable period is counted. Multiplication of number kormodny, reduced by 100 times by day need for sterns on diets (to, define need for sterns (to within one centner.

The agriculture is the special sphere of production. In economic process of reproduction closely is mute with the natural; the natural has a great influence; the ready-made product (seeds, etc.) takes part in further reproduction; the working period does not coincide on time with the production period.

Full providing cattle with sterns according to the offered type of feeding will require the fodder area of 2669 hectares. Including 480 hectares of natural pastures of sowing cultures (2669 – 48 = 218

After definition of expenses on forages for young growth start calculation of prime cost of 1 c. gain of live weight. At the developed structure of expenses in the general expenses on young growth the share of expenses and forages makes 70%. Proceeding from it the total amount of expenses can be planned in a size

The average annual livestock at uniform otela of 18-month age of copulation a telok and realization of superrepair young growth can be determined by groups of animals with a small error, as an average between an initial and final livestock.