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- the spatial – placement of organisms in vertical (yarusnost) and horizontal (mosaicity) the directions. Examples: existence in the broad-leaved wood of 5 - 6 circles; distinctions as a part of plants on an edge and in a thicket, on the dry and humidified sites.

As substitute of a live forage it is possible to apply small cut beef (without fat, beef heart, fillet of sea fishes, squids, shrimps, mussels, caviar of sea fishes. Meat and caviar of fresh-water fishes should not be used since in them there can be pathogenic organisms and their tsist.

Components of community: abiotic and biotic. Abiotic components of inanimate nature – light, pressure, humidity, a wind, a relief, structure of the soil, etc. Biotic components: organisms: producers, consumers and destroyers.

The analysis of the received results shows that, as a rule, neon fishes, skalyariya, somik gravitate to the shaded part of an aquarium. The majority of species of aquarian fishes prefers the lit half of an aquarium. These facts can be explained taking into account ecological features of each of types.

Many species of fish willingly eat bread, crackers from it, the crumbs of dry low-fat cookies scalded by boiled water or slightly boiled thoroughly semolina, oat flakes, etc. of Krupyanye should be washed out products after cooking to remove the flour remains confusing the issue.

Are most useful to fishes live natural a coma: Crank; koretra; bosmina; Cyd; ; veslonogy crustaceans – a Cyclops; ; trubochnik; earthworms; larvae of flies; air and land insects; snails, etc.