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Marketing for ngos

All facades of the palace are issued variously, taking into account a surrounding landscape. If to go to the palace on the Threefold lime avenue which intended for solemn entrance, from a distance the view of the central part of the building opens. The smart facade in a frame of greens of the avenue appears strict and monumental. High first floor

Once between columns of galleries grids were tense and there among plants birds flitted. The construction turned towards the southwest in clear days is filled in with the sun. And that it is not necessary to enter to cross a threshold here – it is not present: the floor of the open-air cage is at ground level. Now here the summer reading room is placed.

The small river the Slav who now is silently murmuring under old under old trees, and once deep and wide, could tell about Novgorodians, about the trade vessels directing on it "from the Varangian in Greeks" about fights that Novgorodians had to conduct

decorated with easy columns. The northern facade is solved simply and strictly. It as well as western, leaves towards the river of the Slav doing here in the current abrupt turn on the North. Its coast densely grew; high a poplar, maples, oaks, closely approach the palace. Only here and there through a green veil of foliage look through its walls.