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Intuition - the central provision of the Cartesian rationalistic method demanding clarity and distinctness as the highest and decisive criterion of the validity. Therefore Descartes's doctrine about intuition coincides with the doctrine about "natural light of reason".

We find the interesting analysis of scientific experience like "Pang's hunting" where Bacon sorts various ways of statement of experiences and modification of experimenting, in particular change, distribution, transfer, inversion, strengthening and connection of experiments in the treatise "About the Advantage and Enhancement of Sciences".

In case of induction we, generally speaking, have incomplete experience, and Bacon understands need of development of such effective remedies which would allow, speaking to the modern language, to carry out perhaps fuller and deep analysis of information consisting in parcels of an inductive conclusion.

Only the preface was written to them and to the fifth part "Presage, or Forestalling of the second philosophy". It had to contain anticipations of originally scientific explanation of natural phenomena, preliminary results of own supervision and opening of the author, still unchecked by properly strictly scientific method.